Please watch this video if you are about to have your cataracts done. This video details the pre-operative care for your cataract surgery with Aloha Vision Consultants.

You will receive a packet from us with details about your cataract surgery. The surgery time and location will be listed in the packet. Our surgeries take place at The Eye Surgery Center of Hawaii, by Dole Cannery. You will need transportation to and from the surgery center, as you cannot drive after the surgery.

We ask that one to two weeks before your surgery that you see your primary care provider to fill out the cataract surgery clearance form. This ensures that you are healthy and good to go for surgery.

Pre-operative eye drops begin three days before surgery. We will send them to the pharmacy of your choice, but we prefer 5 Minute Pharmacy because they will mail your medication to you.

On the day of surgery, no eating or drinking, including water, for eight hours before your check in time. If you are on blood pressure medication, you may take it with a little bit of water. If you are on diabetic medication, do not take it on the day of surgery.

Learn more about post-operative care or learn more about your cataracts.