Emmy award winning TV host and local entertainment icon Lanai came into the office to talk about his experience at Aloha Vision Consultants and his LipiFlow dry eye treatment. Mahalo for taking the time, Lanai!

I have been wearing Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses for many years. Over those years, I must have lost my right contact 4-5 times. Without my lens it was very difficult to bowl, do my needlework and daily chores. I love to bowl, and even with my contacts, it became progressively blurrier and difficult to read the scoreboard. Dr. Yuen told me it was time to take out my cataracts and suggested that I get the Tecnis Multifocal Lens. He said this lens would allow me to see both at a distance and up close with the possibility of never having to use glasses again. Now that I have my cataract surgery done, I am able to do my chores and bowl. I can see the scores from far away and am able to do needlework up close without any glasses at all! I thank Dr. Carlton Yuen for recommending the Tecnis Multifocal lens and I highly suggest it to anyone considering it.

A.Z., Honolulu, Hawaii

My name is Carolyn Kato. I had my cataract operation with Dr. Carlton Yuen over 2 years ago and to my amazement, my vision has changed from virtually no vision to 20/20! Dr. Yuen recommended the Tecnis Multifocal Lens because I mentioned that I would love to be able to see both up close and far away with out glasses. To this day, I have no problems with both my reading and distance vision, it’s PERFECT! If you are procrastinating or feel uncertain about the Multifocal Lens/Cataract Procedure — DON’T! I have No Regrets!

Carolyn Kato, Honolulu, Hawaii

For my entire life, I have always had to wear glasses or contacts. Since the age of 3, I have been wearing glasses. By age 16, I was one of the first patients to wear the 9 mm hard contact lens. Upon examination by my optometrist, I was told I had cataracts that were obstructing my vision and recommended Dr. Carlton Yuen as the ophthalmologist to take care of my problem. Dr. Yuen confirmed the cataract diagnosis and explained that for the first time in my life, I could be free of wearing contact lenses or glasses by implanting a multi-focal lens. I had the perfect surgical experience, lost only 3 days of work and am so happy with my results that I would highly recommend the multi-focal lens and Dr. Yuen to everyone who is a candidate for cataract surgery. You won’t be disappointed!

Gail Nozaki, Honolulu, Hawaii

My vision is EXCELLENT NOW! Before cataract surgery with Dr. Yuen, I wore glasses for 20+ years. After consulting with Dr. Yuen, he said I would be a candidate for a Tecnis Multifocal Lens implant that would not only correct distance vision but allow me to read as well. Dr. Yuen does excellent work, healing time was very quick and my vision is absolutely incredible. I would recommend the Tecnis Multifocal Lens and Dr. Yuen to anyone who is a candidate for cataract surgery!

R. S., Honolulu, Hawaii

Before I had my cataract surgery, I thought I was seeing well even though things were a bit hazy and the colors not as sharp. Dr. Yuen explained that the cataract wasn’t allowing me to see as clearly as I should. He recommended implanting a toric lens to give me the best possible vision. After I had my surgery done, I was surprised at how sharp and clear my vision became. The colors are much more vibrant now! If you have cataracts, Dr. Yuen is a good surgeon that will help you out with that. Ask about the toric lens because I would recommend you get it if the Doc says you can.

Danny Gervacio, Honolulu, Hawaii

Dr. Yuen is the best ophthalmologist and surgeon. Before cataract surgery I could not see my golf ball and I my golf game suffered because of my vision. Dr. Yuen recommended to have my cataracts removed and to place a special tecnis multifocal lens in to give me the best vision. You cannot place a price on your vision and these lenses are well worth it. My vision is better than it has ever been and I am very happy with my results. Dr. Yuen is a skilled surgeon who will take proper care of you make the proper assessments. The recovery time was minimal and I can see. It’s like a whole different world! I highly recommend Dr. Yuen and his staff!

Francis Kuroiwa, Honolulu, Hawaii

Dr. Yuen is a fabulous surgeon who provides passion and care to each patient he sees. Prior to cataract surgery with Dr. Yuen, my vision was terrible. It just made simple ordinary things difficult because I could not see as clearly as I should be. Dr. Yuen gave me information about all the different options and said I would be an excellent candidate for a multifocal lens implant. There is a nominal fee that comes with the lens but it is worth every penny. My vision is fantastic, it is so clear; I cannot even express in words how wonderful this is. I am from American Samoa and I travelled all the way to Hawai’i to see Dr. Yuen, he’s the best around!

P.K., Pago Pago, American Samoa