During the COVID-19 pandemic, Aloha Vision Consultants is focused on making sure we do our part to keep patients and the community safe, which includes wearing a mask. Everyone in the office had theirs made by Dr. Yuen’s mom, Grandma Yuen, and she has made thousands of masks to give to the public free of charge!

This 3D mask has good air flow and does not press against the nose and mouth like other masks, making it comfortable to wear all day. You may have seen this mask worn by Dr. Yuen, Dr. Tokunaga and Taizo Braden during their feature on KITV4’s “Best of Hawaii” series!

If you have made or received a face mask from Aloha Vision Consultants, find the care instructions here. If you would like the same safe and comfortable mask but with a different mask, check out the duck mask tutorial.

Pattern (via AddCrafts)how to make face mask at home-34 – ✔ Multiple sizes(S,M,L,XL)


Video Tutorial: Watch Grandma Yuen Make A Mask!

This version of Grandma Yuen’s tutorial features hand stitching and narration by Dr. Yuen’s daughter Caitlin!

Video Tutorial: 3D Mask with Sewing Machine

This tutorial features Grandma Yuen making a mask entirely with a sewing machine with no narration.