Aloha Vision Consultants is working hard to keep ourselves and the community safe with protective and comfortable face masks. Although the 3D face mask has become very popular among our patients and families, we have also been distributing the “duck mask,” which a different shape but the same comfort as the 3D mask. Learn how to care for your mask here and watch Dr. Yuen’s series on protective materials here.  Follow us on Instagram to check for free mask giveaways!


Large Size

Medium Size

Small Size



Interfacing Pellon Fusible, cut to pattern

100% Cotton Material, cut to pattern (do this twice, one for the outer and one for the inner layer of material)

100% Cotton material, cut 2.5 inches by 1 inch (for the outer layer of material)

Aluminum wire for nose piece

Elastic, cut depending on head size


Watch Grandma Yuen make it here: