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Dr. Carlton Yuen & Dr. Jason Tokunaga

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Cataract Lens Options


Choosing the correct Lens for Cataract Surgery


 Standard Lens
 Toric Lens Multi-Focal Lens


There are multiple choices available for cataract surgery and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.  All lenses used by Dr Yuen and Dr Tokunaga are FDA approved and come highly recommended by both Doctors and patients.

Standard Lens

Standard Lens help correct distance vision and most common among patients who undergo cataract surgery.  This lens will require the patient to wear glasses for reading after cataract surgery and does not correct for astigmatism.  This lens is covered by your insurance with you just being responsible for your co-pay.

Toric Lens

Toric Lenses help correct distance vision as well as astigmatism in the cornea.  Astigmatism means the cornea is abnormally shaped making it difficult to focus light causing vision to be blurred.  The toric lens helps correct the abnormality giving you the best vision possible.  Toric lenses are available for upgrade for those who wish to correct their astigmatism.  This lens will require the patient to wear reading glasses after cataract surgery.

ReSTOR Multi-Focal Lens

ReStor Multi-Focal Lens are special lens helps the eye focus near, intermediate and far giving patients the best all around vision possible.  The ReSTOR Multi-Focal IOL uses a patented diffractive optical design to divide light into two focal zones so that near and distance objects can be seen without glasses.
ReSTOR Lens are available for upgrade for patients who want to be able to read without glasses and see far.

Tecnis Multi-Focal Lens

Tecnis Multi-Focal Lens
is a wavefront-designed lens with FDA-approved claims for improved functional vision and improved night-driving performance.
After cataract surgery, patients who elect to implant this multi-focal lens usually will not need glasses to read.  Tecnis Lenses are available for patients who want to be able to read without glasses and see far.